What is the Game of the Week program?

Our Game of the Week program is a promotion that is emailed to our eligible members. Members who receive the email can then participate by playing the featured game. Each promotion will have a Score to Beat, and by reaching that goal and completing the game by "Submitting Score,"or clicking the "Save to Leaderboard" link, you will be entered into a drawing to win 1500 points! For each game played that you beat the score, you receive another entry in the drawing!

Unlimited Entries - for each game played that you beat the score, get another entry in the drawing!

To be eligible for this promotion, you MUST "Submit Score" or "Save to Leaderboard" after the game has ended and have a score equal to or greater than the Score to Beat. Please note that to use the "Save to Leaderboard" option, you must have a Facebook account to track the Leaderboard submissions. Also note that once you have logged in to the Leaderboard using your Facebook account, games played will automatically be submitted to the Leaderboard. Winners will be announced in the next Game of the Week promotion.